Custom Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchens


Stainless Fabricators Inc. (SFI) is a leader in the commercial kitchen industry. We have supplied custom-built stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment to restaurants, hotels, schools, public service facilities, and food processing facilities around the world. Take advantage of our years of experience in creating all types of stainless steel equipment and find out what we can do for your kitchen too!


From the smallest cafes to bustling, multi-unit restaurant chains, we can help you find the stainless steel fabrication solutions you need to bring your kitchen into the 21st century. From the prep line to the dish sink, stainless steel equipment will serve your kitchen well for years to come.


Whether you operate a restaurant, offer food service for conference areas or just have a small kitchen for staff use, stainless steel equipment is the best way to assure you have the space you need to prepare food and clean up—even if you have limited space.


When serving food in a school, you are often cooking for hundreds of hungry children and time is always of an essence. The right equipment can make all the difference. Stainless steel is easy to work with and keep clean even during the rush of serving a cafeteria lunch.

Public Service Facilities

Public buildings like firehouses, police departments or other institutions often need quality equipment that will stand the test of time. Let us help you put together the custom stainless steel solution that will serve your needs perfectly.

Food Processing Facilities

Taking food from its fresh form and turning it into something new and exciting is a big job and often requires custom equipment. Let us help you put together a solution that will save you time and money—something that’s always important in your day-to-day job.