Custom Stainless Solutions


Stainless steel looks good and performs well in nearly any environment. As you can see, Stainless Fabricators Inc. works with customers in many industries. However, if there is something you need or want done with stainless steel and you do not see it here on our website, do not worry—we can help.

SFI offers custom stainless solutions to meet nearly any need. If you can imagine it, we can probably produce it. In addition, if necessary, our team of engineers and designers will work with you on creating a design too.

Some of the custom solutions created by our stainless steel fabricators in the past have included:

  • Custom sinks
  • Adjustable shelving units
  • Canopy hoods
  • Chefs counters
  • Table frames
  • Benches
  • Work tables
  • Mobile cabinets
  • Wall caps

SFI is proud of our work. We want to bring our high quality, custom stainless steel equipment to your home, commercial establishment, or industrial environment too. Contact us today or request a custom quote and let our team of talented craftsmen create the perfect stainless steel product or products for you.