At SFI we offer a full line of stainless steel casework, including Base Cabinets, Wall Case Cabinets, Tall Storage Cabinets, and Floor Case Units. Our
case work is built to NSF standard #2 and carries its seal of approval.

Standard cabinet construction is of 18ga. Type 304 stainless steel. Type 316-L stainless steel is available upon request. Cabinet fronts have 1½” wide
enclosed mullions. Fronts are fully welded and polished to a #4 finish. Door and drawer fronts are double pan constructed with fire rated insulation
for sound damping. Cabinets have 3″ deep x 4″ high toe space. Drawers have full extension type 304 stainless steel drawer slides which are mounted
to removable concealed hat channels. Drawers are readily removable as required by NSF for cleaning purposes. Center shelves are mounted on removable
stainless steel pilasters strips and are adjustable in ½” increments. Cabinets are built flush to floor and provided with 5/16” leveling bolts. When
ordering multiple units to be placed side by side holes are predrilled and ¼”x ½” long stainless steel bolts and lock nuts are provided to assemble
cabinets. Front and rear fillers are pre mounted to cabinets with #10 x ½” long welded studs and cap nuts to prevent any screws from extruding into
cabinet. Cylinder locks available for doors and drawers.

Our construction makes our casework the most durable, most sanitary and the highest quality products on today’s market. Our products catalog includes our
full line of cabinetry, complete with catalog numbers and pictures of each product to simplify ordering and engineering of projects. We can build custom
sizes to meet the specific needs of customers. Simply tell us what you’re looking for or what you have in mind and we can help you engineer and design
the best equipment to meet your needs.

Contact Stainless Fabricators today for more information on casework products or to request a custom quote.