Residential Cabinets


We offer a full line of fully customizable stainless steel residential cabinetry. We manufacture all of our residential cabinets to the same strict standards
as our laboratory and commercial kitchen cabinets. With SFI you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality products with lifelong durability
accompanied by unsurpassed levels of customer service and attention to detail. We are a full service manufacturer offering design consulting, project
planning, comprehensive estimations, professional project management, engineering, and fabrication.

1) Choose the Types of
Cabinets you need to
complete your Indoor
or Outdoor Kitchen 
~Sink Base Cabinets
    -Open Back for plumbing access
    -Removable Rear Panel for plumbing access

~Corner Cabinets
    -Rectangular Shaped with squared fronts
    -Pentagon Shaped with diagonal fronts

~Island Cabinets

~Standard Base Cabinets

~Base Cabinets to accommodate cook tops

~Floor Case Units / Tall Storage Cabinets

~Wall Cabinets
2) Choose the Style or a
combination of styles
for your Cabinet Fronts 
~Open Front Cabinets
    -Fixed Shelves
    -Adjustable Shelving
    -Combination of Fixed Shelves & Adjustable Shelves

~Cabinets with Doors
    -Solid Stainless Steel Doors
      >Hinged Double Panel Insulated
        Stainless Steel Doors
      >Sliding Double Panel Insulated
        Stainless Steel Doors
    -Stainless Steel Framed Glass Doors
      >Standard Clear Glass
      >Textured Glass
      >Frosted Glass
      >Hinged Stainless Steel Framed Glass Doors
      >Sliding Stainless Steel Framed Glass Doors

~Cabinets with Drawers
    -Standard Drawers
    -File Drawers
    -Pencil Drawers
3) Customize your Cabinets       
~Choose your sizes

~Raised Cabinets on Legs

~Various Handle Options

~Drawer inserts and dividers

~Many other options fully customizable to meet your needs!

Visit our individual products pages for detailed information and specifications on specific cabinet types:        

Base Cabinets


Floor Case Units / Tall Storage Cabinets

Wall Cabinets



Mobile Units


Custom Products