Common Uses of Stainless Steel


There are many different uses for Stainless Steel, along with many different industries that put it to use.

Industries That Use Stainless Steel:Uses of Stainless Steel In Industries:
Hospitals / Medical FacilitiesCountertops
Commercial Kitchens / RestaurantsSlashes / Trim / Decorative

Benefits of Stainless Steel:

Resistant to Corrosion – Stainless steel is an alloy that contains chromium. For this reason, it is an excellent choice for outdoor uses.

Anti-Bacterial – Stainless Steel is non-porous. It is an outstanding choice for the restaurant industry. It does not allow for food & bacteria to seep into the surface, unlike other materials used in countertops. Simply rubbing hands over stainless steel can rid hands of foul smells, such as onions or seafood.

Durability – Stainless Steel is stronger than most traditional cabinet/countertop building materials. Therefore it lasts for many, many years.

Resistant to temperature – Stainless steel is very strong, even in extreme temperatures.

Easy to clean and maintain – Again, stainless steel in non-porous, making it an excellent option for kitchen use. Unlike marble, quartz & granite; it is unnecessary to seal stainless steel. Just proper cleaning will keep stainless steel properly maintained.

Typical Areas where stainless steel is used in everyday life:
Food Service & Catering
Medical (Hospitals, Private Practice, Nursing facilities)
Energy & Heavy Industries
Automotive & Transportation
Architecture & Construction
Research Facilities