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    Custom Stainless Steel Residential Kitchen Counter Tops


    Custom stainless steel countertops are an amazing fit kitchens of all types and sizes.  From a large commercial kitchen to a small galley kitchen, there is always room for custom stainless steel.  Historically Stainless Steel has been used primarily in hospitals, laboratories, and restaurants but it has since transcended into high end residential kitchens as well.  Stainless Steel is even used to cast a high-end appearance on a not so high-end kitchen, primarily because it is easily paired with nearly any material, allowing you to mix & match various materials used in your kitchen. The use of Stainless Steel in kitchens is fastly trending, not only due to its' sleek look and contemporary appearance, but also because it is customizable, durable, sanitary, and easy to clean.  Stainless Steel kitchen equipment is also getting more attention these days because it is a Green Product, meaning that it is easily cleanable without the use of harsh chemicals, it is non-toxic, and it is recyclable. From small renovations to full remodels and new builds of residential kitchens, Stainless Fabricators is dedicated to providing you with top quality Stainless Steel products. Contact SFI today to take advantage of the many benefits of Stainless Steel.