5 reasons you need to work with a custom stainless steel fabricator for your commercial kitchen


commercial kitchen sink

If you’re creating a commercial kitchen, whether for your organization, a new restaurant or a manufacturing facility, you probably already know that stainless
steel is the industry standard because of its ability to take a serious beating while still providing exceptional cleanliness. But should you use ready-made
components or custom fabrication to finish out your kitchen? Custom stainless steel fabrication has many great benefits:

1. Have a non-standard space to fill?

Custom fabrication means you fill that space without any awkward spaces where your countertop or cabinets would end before the corner or not fit correctly.
This means fewer things dropped off the end and eliminates lowered productivity because of a short countertop.

2. Need quality talent for your kitchen?

Nothing will make your talent as frustrated as working in a sub-standard space. Custom fabrication ensures everything can be laid out how you need it,
not how the production company designs as standard.

3. Cleanliness is vital for food safety.

An ill-fitting product often leaves gaps where food can build up and spoil, leading to failed health inspections or, even worse, a disease outbreak tied
back to your facility that costs you your business.

4. Lower maintenance means lower operational costs.

A customized fabrication process means there are fewer spots where things don’t quite fit together right and require more extensive cleaning than a simple
wipe with a mop towel.

5. Better fit, even in a standard space.

Because a custom stainless steel fabricator takes into account all the dimensions in your commercial kitchen, they can design elements to provide a perfect
fit both vertically and horizontally.

By working with a custom fabricator for your commercial kitchen, you’re ensuring that your kitchen will have high-quality stainless equipment that will
help you save time, effort, and money. If you’re ready to plan your project and need help, please contact Stainless Fabricators today. Our extensive industry experience translates into exceptional quality for your kitchen.