9 things to consider when selecting a stainless steel fabricator


Stainless Steel Fabricator

When you have a project that needs stainless steel fabrication as part of its specifications, it can seem like any decent metal shop should be able to
do the job, right? Not necessarily. There are several aspects to any fabrication shop that can make it a good or bad choice to have your work done.
Hiring the wrong fabrication company can lead to expensive mistakes or a product that doesn’t work properly. Here are a few things to consider when
selecting a stainless steel fabricator:

  1. 1. Experience
  2. Make sure your fabricator has significant experience in fabricating items similar to what you need to have done so the product will work when needed

  3. 2. Design Capability
  4. Being able to go from concept to technical design is of vital importance to ensure your fabrication order matches what you need.

  5. 3. Quality
  6. You need a quality product that will work well for your needs. That won’t happen if they can’t meet your quality requirements.

  7. 4. Customer Service
  8. What do they do when something goes wrong? You don’t want to be stuck with a product that doesn’t work as required.

  9. 5. Consistency
  10. Does the company have quality control checks in place? If you need more than one item, this is vital to your final quality.

  11. 6. Production Capability
  12. Ask about any specific processes your project needs, such as welding, installation, and finishing.

  13. 7. Facilities
  14. If the fabricator doesn’t have the capabilities to store materials, fabricate the product, and prepare it for delivery, they can’t finish the product.

  15. 8. Material Capability
  16. Ensure they’re capable of working with stainless steel and can work with the size and thickness of metal you need for your project.

  17. 9. Competitive Pricing
  18. Even the best fabricator in the world won’t work if they can’t meet your budget.

By choosing the right stainless steel fabricator, you’re ensuring that your project will be completed with high quality, on time and within budget. If
you’re still looking for a fabricator that can meet your needs, contact Stainless Fabricators Inc. today. With a combined
experience of over 200 years, we’re ready to meet your fabrication needs.