What role does software, like AutoCAD, have in stainless steel fabrication?


Stainless Steel Fabrication at workModern stainless steel fabrication relies upon a variety of advanced technologies for increased precision and efficiency — and this is what makes it one of the best choices for all industries, ranging from medical facilities to laboratory settings. AutoCAD and other similar software solutions are used throughout the development and manufacturing process to streamline and improve upon the process of fabrication. These software solutions can be utilized for everything from rapid provisioning of custom stainless steel fabrications to incredibly accurate, mass-produced assemblies. 

Design and Development With AutoCAD Software

Stainless steel detailing can be accomplished to desired specifications within an AutoCAD system, showing the precise appearance of the end product without any need for prototyping and models. AutoCAD connects directly to stainless steel fabrication equipment, so what is produced will always be to the exact specifications. Not only does this reduce the capacity for error, but it also makes the process of design and development much faster. AutoCAD and similar programs are used to develop stainless steel pieces from start to finish; each piece is constructed within the software program and can then be “printed” for use.

Rapid Customization through AutoCAD Software

One of the major benefits of AutoCAD and other similar platforms is the ability to create on-the-fly customized pieces. With traditional molds and stamps, the fabricated stainless steel materials need to remain the same — and they will often lose fidelity during the manufacturing process. In other words, the very first items produced will be distinct from the very last. When using AutoCAD software, fabricators don’t need to worry about these problems. Each piece is cut identically and individually, so that each piece can be quickly customized as desired by the customer.

There are many types of stainless steel fabrication just as there are many types of stainless steel. Generally, however, the first prototyping and design of a stainless steel assembly is almost always done in a software solution such as AutoCAD. From there, the computer-generated file may be used to stamp or cut the relevant parts. Either way, AutoCAD and similar products are intrinsic to the building process, and many of those within the industry will work closely with AutoCAD to complete their development.