Why is NSF certification important in stainless steel fabrication?


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 NSF International awards audits, certifies, and trains businesses in the following sectors:
– Water 
– Food 
– Health 
– Science 
– Sustainability 

Certification by NSF is a process that varies according to the product, service, or process that is seeking certification. Though it generally follows a specific process that involves an application, product evaluation, lab testing of the product, inspections of manufacturing facilities, product sampling, review of results, and acceptance.

Once a product is accepted and certified, there will be yearly inspections and retesting in order to maintain the NSF Certification.

Why does NSF Certification Matter for Stainless Steel Fabrication?

Stainless steel fabrication plays an important role in several industries affected by NSF certification. This includes food services, health facilities, laboratories for science, health, and education, and more.

That is also why it’s so important for businesses in these industries, such as commercial kitchens, laboratories, medical facilities, and educational facilities seek out stainless steel fabrications that have gone through the process to become NSF Certified so that you can buy with peace of mind and confidence that the products you purchase meet the highest standards of sanitation.

This distinction helps you operate at the highest level of standards. It lets you know that your patients, customers, students, etc. are not at risk of contamination from inferior metals or materials that harbor bacteria, fungi, microbes, and pathogens.

  • It allows you to prepare food in commercial and residential kitchens with confidence that the countertops aren’t harboring foodborne pathogens that will lead to food poisoning.
  • It reduces the risks of patients contracting contagious diseases and illnesses from the equipment being used to help them overcome their own illnesses and conditions. It also protects the people working in medical labs from contracting illnesses from the samples they are processing.
  • In research and educational laboratories, it helps to avoid cross contaminating samples and cultures through proper storage, safety, and sanitation processes.

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