Why Is Stainless Steel Such a Popular Choice?


Stainless steel is one of the most versatile metals & has become a necessity in almost every industry. As we have discussed in prior blog posts, Stainless steel contains chromium and the content of chromium is what gives stainless steel its corrosion resistant properties.

There are some awesome features of stainless steel, most of which we have also discussed in previous blogs & include low maintenance, versatility, ductility, oxidant resistant and strength. Add in the beauty & clean lines that stainless steel offers, it is a major reason it is widely used in different applications.

Below, you will see some of the many reasons that stainless steel is the preferred component in many designs, spanning across many different industries.

#1 Chromium:

Stainless steel is desired because of its Chromium contents, which is what makes it corrosion resistant. Chromium is one critical ingredients in stainless steel. It is desired for its  temperature resistance, aesthetic design and spotless surface are some of the major factors to consider.

#2 Cost-Effective Material:

While initially stainless steel may seem like the more costly option, an important fact to consider about stainless steel is that it is cost-effective in the long run. From maintenance to initial cost, stainless steel is not really more expensive than the more high-end wood cabinetry, granite countertops or tiled splashes.  Additionally, once you plan to buy stainless steel, it’s largest cost-saving point is its long-term service. It doesn’t rust or corrode over a period of time like carbon or mild steel, which makes it cost-effective for the buyers.

#3 Applications:

As mentioned above, stainless steel is a versatile metal, which is used in different industries. With an extensive range of applications, stainless steel has become prominent quickly. Whether it is a laboratory clean room, commercial kitchen, educational classroom or in a rapidly growing market of residential kitchens; stainless steel is rapidly becoming the first choice. Whether it be for its durability, ease of maintenance or aesthetic, stainless steel is growing in popularity.

#4 Strength and Ductility

Stainless steel is popular because of its great chemical properties that make this metal good in strength. In comparison to carbon or mild steel, stainless steel offers much higher mechanical and chemical properties, even at high temperatures, stainless steel keeps its stress-to-rupture strength.

#5 Corrosion Resistant Property:

Because of the chromium, nickel and other essential alloys, Stainless steel doesn’t corrode or rust over a period of time. You should go for this premium quality metal because it serves its purpose well, whether it is a countertop or cabinetry in a clean room or use in a residential outdoor kitchen project.

So, these were the advantages of stainless steel due to which people prefer to buy it for different applications and usages.

From the above-mentioned considerable points, you can conclude easily why stainless steel is so popular metal in the market than any other metal! When searching for the Stainless Steel Fabricator, you should keep these points in mind, particularly the different types and then choose accordingly. Stainless Fabricators & Installation, Inc. is a leader in this industry & has been a reliable source for quality stainless steel equipment since 1994.