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  • Two Most Common Types of Stainless Steel Used in Fabrication


                  There is no visual difference between Type 304 and Type 316 Stainless Steel. Both are polished and grained the exact same way. In fact, to tell the difference between the two grades often requires a material test report (MTR) of the material to differentiate. Both Type 304 and Type 316 contain Chromium & Nickel, but Ty...

  • Why is custom stainless steel fabrication the right choice for my residential kitchen?


    Choosing the equipment and furnishings for your Residential Kitchen is a decision that will affect your life daily.  The kitchen is a space that most every family utilizes on a daily basis, making the design and choice of furnishings crucial decisions. Historically stainless steel has been the primary material chosen for restaurants and eateries across the globe due to design simplicity, easy installation, cleanliness and durability. Stainless steel has more recently become a choice m...

  • Stainless Steel in Hospital Settings


    There are an abundance of reasons hospitals and other health care facilities use stainless steel. Sterility & Cleanliness are at the top of that priority lists. Hospitals choose stainless steel regarding storage and other surfaces for that reason. There are many advantages to using stainless steel storage in a hospital or other health care areas that always need to be clean and sanitary. The following reasons are the 3 top reasons why stainless steel is best, you may recognize them as ...



    Whether your clean room is for manufacturing, research or engineering, your gowning room furniture and equipment will play an important role in maintaining a safe, controlled and contamination-free environment.  SFI’s Gowning Cabinets provide a perfect storage solution for wipes, garments, boots, tools and much more making them ideal for pharmaceutical, medical, food laboratories and any other application where clean storage conditions are required to protect from contam...

  • 9 things to consider when selecting a stainless steel fabricator


    When you have a project that needs stainless steel fabrication as part of its specifications, it can seem like any decent metal shop should be able to do the job, right? Not necessarily. There are several aspects to any fabrication shop that can make it a good or bad choice to have your work done. Hiring the wrong fabrication company can lead to expensive mistakes or a product that doesn't work properly. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a stainless steel fabricator: ...

  • What are the different grades of stainless steel?


    Stainless steel is used in a variety of diverse applications. Prized because of its strength and non-corrosive properties, stainless steel can be found within environments such as the automotive and commercial food industries. In order to determine the type of stainless steel that is appropriate for a particular use, a designer first looks at its grade. Ferritic Stainless Steel Ferritic alloys have a low carbon content and contain over 10.5 percent chromium in their makeup. This grade is...

  • Sustainability of Stainless Steel


    The old saying goes “take time to stop & smell the roses”, in our business, we like to take the time to stop and admire the Stainless Steel. Have you ever taken notice to the everyday items that are fabricated from stainless steel? Stainless steel is trending in today's lifestyles, everything from kitchens and bathrooms to jewelry!  One thing that remains constant in a “here today, gone tomorrow” trendy culture, is sustainability of stainless steel. Comm...

  • Why is NSF certification important in stainless steel fabrication?


     NSF International awards audits, certifies, and trains businesses in the following sectors:   - Water    - Food    - Health    - Science    ...

  • Residential Stainless Steel


    One of the hottest trends in the home today is the use of stainless steel. Stainless steel is not only a highly attractive option in residences, but the benefits of the material are also numerous. Explore the many uses of stainless steel around the home and get ready to revitalize! Stainless Fabricators specializes in the following for your residential needs: Kitchens Bathrooms Outdoor Kitchens Work Tables Mud Rooms Laundry Rooms ...

  • Integral Stainless Steel Sinks


    A stainless steel integral sink is a popular option for both the bathroom and the kitchen. There's a lot to love about this setup. A stainless steel countertop with a built-in sink makes for a smooth, seamless, and contemporary appearance. It's also easy to clean! And the benefits don't end there. Of course, as with so many decisions during the design process, there are a few things to consider before committing. Read on for the benefits to having an integral sink.  Integral si...