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  • Why is NSF certification important in stainless steel fabrication?


     NSF International awards audits, certifies, and trains businesses in the following sectors:   - Water    - Food    - Health    - Science    ...

  • The right way to clean and maintain stainless steel


    Stainless steel, once the mainstay of a commercial kitchen or laboratory, has become mainstream. Stainless steel countertops, casework, and appliances are popular in homes and businesses for good reason: they are sleek, beautiful, and stylish. Stainless steel can be fabricated to meet special needs and will last for years. Keeping your stainless steel in tip-top shape is easy with regular cleaning and maintenance. 1. Do No Harm: Avoid Common Cleaning Errors While stainless steel is dura...

  • 5 reasons you need to work with a custom stainless steel fabricator for your commercial kitchen


    If you're creating a commercial kitchen, whether for your organization, a new restaurant or a manufacturing facility, you probably already know that stainless steel is the industry standard because of its ability to take a serious beating while still providing exceptional cleanliness. But should you use ready-made components or custom fabrication to finish out your kitchen? Custom stainless steel fabrication has many great benefits: 1. Have a non-standard space to fill? Custom fabrication...

  • 8 reasons stainless steel is perfect for use in medical facilities


    Medical professionals are in the business of saving lives. Every product they use has this goal in mind. That's why hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices across the world rely on stainless steel as the material of choice for all types of equipment. Stainless steel has a unique set of features that makes it unbeatable for use in the healthcare field. These include: 1. Antibacterial properties. Stainless steel's rigid, non-porous surface denies microorganisms a place to hide and fest...

  • Product Spotlight ~ Stainless Steel Tops


      SFI manufactures custom Stainless Steel Tops to any style, specification, and dimensions to meet our customers' needs. We offer 14ga. and 16ga. in type 304 or type 316L stainless steel. Standard Laboratory Tops are 4" high x 1" thick splash at walls. Tops with sinks have marine edges on fronts and exposed ends, marine edge Tops are 1-1/4" thick and Tops without marine edges are 1" thick. Tops have galvanized understructure and sound de...