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Using the latest fabrication techniques and most advanced technologies available, at Stainless Fabricators, we provide our customers with the best products in the industry. Our custom, stainless steel casework and equipment are built to meet your needs and last for years. We are able to fabricate exactly what you need through AutoCAD software coupled with top CNC equipment. We can form, sheer, and punch parts and pieces until you are left with a completed project that looks great and functions beautifully.

We know what it takes to make customers happy, and we are committed to do exactly that on every job. Superior products backed by courteous, professional customer service – that’s our promise to you. As a family owned business, quality has always been the priority at SFI, and it still is. In fact, we guarantee it.

Located in Lexington, South Carolina, Stainless Fabricators has grown through the years from servicing the stainless steel needs of the Midlands to serve customers across the world. Our satisfied customers span a wide variety of industries from Residential to Commercial, Medical, Education, and Foodservice, just to name a few. We are NSF Certified and ready to meet your needs. If you are looking for custom stainless steel fabrication and quality is your choice, choose Stainless Fabricators Inc. We’ll work with you from design to installation, to ensure you find the perfect fit.

We have an extensive Photo Gallery that is always expanding. All products pictured were manufactured by our experienced fabricators at Stainless Fabricators, Inc. At SFI we strongly believe that the quality of our custom fabricated products is of the utmost importance. Don’t take our word for it, as the old saying goes ‘a picture says a thousand words’! Browse our gallery to see the quality and craftsmanship of our work for yourself.

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The whole job is absolutely perfect. Several architect and designer-friends have seen the kitchen, and everyone says they have never seen better stainless steel work. Every drawer and every door fits perfectly. All seams are welded tight. The engineering design is wonderful; even the counters are built with a steel frame instead of a (cheap) plywood base. All the corners are perfectly square. The best part is the finish, which looks like fine furniture. We have a high-end commercial refrigerator which we chose because it has the best-finished cabinet of any refrigerator, and the kitchen cabinets are of the same quality. Here are two extra hints: We really like the marine edges on the counter tops; they stop all spills. And it is worth the slight extra cost to have SFI install and field-weld the tops. They were able to do some extra final polishing, and to tack weld all the cabinets together which causes them to be totally seamless.

Custom Stainless Steel Residential Kitchen

Cathy and Joe Feldman -