Fabrication of Stainless Steel


The fabrication of stainless steel refers to building of metal equipment by cutting, bending & welding the piece being fabricated. Stainless steel is durable and is resistant to corrosion & rust. It is largely for this reason stainless steel is most often used in most settings. If the structures are rusted and they become weak with time, then they must be replaced more often. Because stainless steel has more chromium present in the metal, it resists rust and corrosion, allowing it to stay strong and visually clean for many years.

The stainless steel used in industries must be of great quality.  Quality ensures the structure remains long and strong for many years to come. Stainless Fabricators & Installation, Inc. have been fabricating stainless steel equipment since 1994. We are specialists in this field and take great pride in the quality of our work.

Investment for lifetime

While the cost of stainless steel is more, compared to other options available in the market, it is very cost efficient when you consider the number of years that it will provide the use. Quality equipment will stand the test of time, when properly maintained & cared for.

The above mentioned points highlight the importance of quality stainless steel fabrication in current times. If you want to have equipment fabricated from stainless steel, make sure to request a quote from Stainless Fabricators. SFI is well- experienced in fabrication and will make sure your project is fabricated in a professional manner with the quality you should expect in a fabrication company.  When considering the benefits of stainless steel, you will come to realize the investment will give you the long term results you expect from your new equipment.