Important reasons to make sure your commercial kitchen has NSF approved equipment


Important reasons to make sure your commercial kitchen has NSF approved equipment
Founded in 1944, NSF (short for National Sanitation Foundation) is a non-for-profit organization that develops standards for food safety. When a product is NSF certified, this ensures that the product has been tested by one of the most important organizations in the food service industry.
Why this is important?

  1. Having NSF-approved equipment means trust & satisfaction that you’re using the safest & most sanitary equipment possible. This is essential for any commercial kitchen. Poorly designed or malfunctioning equipment can lead to cross-contamination or even illness outbreak.
  2. Depending on your local health codes, certain equipment will most likely need to be NSF certified. Without the proper equipment, you could face violations & have to replace or remodel your kitchen to meet proper regulations. This means you could potentially lose customers and business! This is why it is important to check your local health regulations before equipping your commercial kitchen.
    The NSF certification can have a significant impact for your restaurant. Purchasing NSF approved items can help you maintain a high level of food safety in your establishment, protect customers, and even protect your reputation.
    The Importance of NSF Certification
    A health code violation or foodborne illness claim relating back to your restaurant can be devastating to your business. Purchasing NSF certified products can help you avoid violations and improve the reputation of your establishment in the long run.
    Cost of Foodborne Illnesses
    The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that approximately 48 million Americans contract foodborne illnesses each year. Though not all foodborne illnesses are contracted in restaurants, it is worth putting in the time and money, even beyond what is required by law, to reduce the risk that your customers could become ill at your establishment. Foodborne illness can end up costing you:
  • Funds for reparations
  • Customers & Sales
  • Negative media exposure and inspection reports
  • Lowered staff morale
  • Time and money to retrain staff
  • Possible lawsuits
  • Higher insurance premiums going forward
  • Your reputation

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