How can stainless steel fabrication improve my laboratory/medical facility?


Stainless Steel Fabrication

Medical facilities and laboratories have many concerns to contend with on any given day. You deal with biohazards, pathogens, and more on a routine basis. You are constantly cleaning and disinfecting in order to avoid contamination and cross contamination in your daily routine.

Stainless steel fabrication can help you make many improvements to your laboratory or medical facility. Some are more obvious than others, but all of these improvements help to ensure the safety of patients and staff at your facility.


Corrosion Resistance

The fact that stainless steel does not corrode helps to prolong the integrity and viability of the equipment. You won’t have to worry about leaks, spills, etc. resulting from corrosion and you will be able to alleviate concerns over cross contamination from equipment that is breaking down that might skew lab results.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect

Disinfecting equipment and tools is vital in any lab or medical facility. There are simply too many germs and diseases that could easily spread from one person to the next – or provide false information on lab results.

The easier equipment is to disinfect, the safer it is to have in your facility. Stainless steel is simple to disinfect and durable enough to withstand the disinfecting process day in and out without rusting or corroding.

Customizable to Your Facility’s Needs

While stainless steel fabrication is highly durable in its final form, it is quite customizable during the fabrication process. This means that it is possible to manufacture stainless steel fixtures and equipment that are unique to the needs of your medical facility or laboratory.


The fact that stainless steel is non-porous makes it ideal for use in medical facilities and laboratories everywhere. The non-porous nature of stainless steel means that it does not hide bacteria, pathogens, and microbes but keeps them on the surface for easy cleaning with routine disinfecting practices.

This helps to reduce the risks of exposing patients to these bacteria and pathogens or of having them introduced into the wrong lab results.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your medical facility or lab by reducing false information, cross contamination, or by creating fixtures and equipment that more easily accommodate and/or facilitate your practice or needs, then it is time to explore what stainless steel fabrication has to offer. Contact SFI today to get a free custom quote.