Why is custom stainless steel fabrication the right choice for my commercial kitchen?


Choosing the perfect equipment for your commercial kitchen is as important as choosing the right foods to serve. Regardless of the type of commercial kitchen you operate, stainless steel fabrication for your line equipment, tables, and sinks is always your best option.

Aside from the fact that stainless steel fabrication is highly cost-effective for commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes, the following reasons are critical.


Stainless steel is non-porous. This means that bacteria, fungi, and dirt have nowhere to hide and can be easily cleaned with routine sanitation practices – reducing risks of food poisoning and cross contamination.

Resistant to Corrosion and Rust

Metal doesn’t like water, acid, and other things that are in abundant supply in a busy commercial kitchen. Acids from lemons, tomatoes, and other items prepared in kitchens can lead to the corrosion of lesser metals. Water is public enemy number one for other metals – though common in humid kitchens.

Stainless steel equipment and fixtures take whatever your kitchen can throw in their direction without chipping, rusting, or showing other signs of wear – with proper maintenance.


The stainless steel fabrication process creates items that are built to last. Part of this is thanks to the nature of stainless steel that makes it resistant to corrosion and damage by water. These often allow stainless steel fabricated materials to enjoy a longer lifespan.

Safe for Food Prep

Because stainless steel fabrication does not harbor bacteria, it is a good choice for food prep. With proper cleaning, there are no concerns over cross contamination.

Heat and Cold Tolerant

Kitchens carry a wide range of foods in an equal range of temperatures. From frozen foods and ice baths for produce to hot foods coming off the stove or out of the oven stainless steel counters and lines can handle it all – without warping.
Owners and operators of commercial kitchens have a lot to worry about. Getting the right equipment and fixtures does not need to be on that list. Choose quality, NSF certified stainless steel fabrication from SFI and be confident in your decision.