Why Stainless Steel is the best choice when constructing or remodeling an outdoor kitchen!


Summer is upon us!! Summer vacation, summer holidays and warm, beautiful weather is when family and friends gather for cookouts and parties the most! Why not enjoy these gatherings in a new, sleek & stylish stainless steel outdoor kitchen?

When the weather is beautiful outside, cooking indoors can be a tight fit and sometimes leaves the cook feeling isolated in a kitchen and not able to socialize and enjoy their guests. Not to mention that running the oven or the stove and having all your guests inside can raise your utility bill from your A/C having to work overtime! Gathering outside, socializing around the grill and enjoying all the comforts of your indoor kitchen outside is ideal.  Stainless Steel cabinetry has the ability to withstand heat, humidity and unfavorable weather.

For those that are considering building or remodeling an existing outdoor kitchen, think savings (who doesn’t like that word?). Using stainless steel for cabinetry, countertops, splashes or appliances is the perfect choice and provides a great rate of return on your investment.  As you know, most grills and other outdoor appliances are made of stainless steel because of its strength and durability, same goes for cabinetry and countertops.  Stainless Steel is nonporous, heat resistant, and rust resistant.  Installing stainless steel cabinets and countertops are easier because most come preassembled. Stainless Steel Tops can be custom made to fit over existing cabinetry.  For long term return on your investment, stainless steel does not have to be re-stained or re-faced due to damage or age – it’s virtually maintenance free!

Please feel free to request a custom quote. Whether you are looking for the simplicity of a custom grill or an entire kitchen outdoors, SFI can help you with the perfect outdoor entertaining area, from design to fabrication, for your next family & friends gathering!