SFI builds charcoal Flame Proof Lifetime Grills that are the ultimate in grilling. Charcoal baskets are in the front and rear of the grill and upper and
lower cooking racks are in the center of the grill; this assures that your food will cook evenly through top and bottom without the risk of flames
burning your food. The unique design of our Flame Proof Lifetime Grills allows you to cook in half the time it takes gas grills or grills with direct
heat under food. You can actually cook chickens, hams, steaks, etc. to your preference without ever turning them allowing you to enjoy your cookouts
instead of standing over a hot grill at all times flipping and turning your food. Once you have used the Flame Proof Lifetime Grill you will never
want to use any other grill again! Our standard family size grill is 24” deep x 30” wide x 36” high, however we can custom build a Flame Proof
Lifetime Grill to meet your needs up to our 60” wide “Party Grill” which is great for large groups and occasions such as church groups, club events,
family reunions, youth camps, etc. We also have many unique options for our custom grills; some of our options include building them with or without
wheels or on a trailer for portable mobility, we can also add a cabinet type front for storage of your grilling accessories. All parts are readily
removable so that your grill can be easily and quickly cleaned. Take care of this grill and it will live up to its name and last you a lifetime!

Don’t wait any longer, get your own Flame Proof Lifetime Grill today! Get started by filling out our custom quote form.